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About Polska

What about Polska 1963?

A personal note 

For me, Jos van der Woensel, a dream came true. If you go to my personal website at the Polska 1963 ProjectI , you will notice my airline background, particularly the last 18 years as an air cargo GSA (General Sales Agent) for a number of airlines. I initiated Zygene EFC b.v. in 1990 and my first representation which I was capable to obtain and maintained untill I sold my beloved Zygene; was LOT Polish Airlines.

Since 1990 therefor, I travelled regularly through Poland and became from depressed in the early years to impressed about the country and consequently its people's drive for improvements. From the dark years of supression to the change of times in the 1990's.


When I decided to retire and sell Zygene as a company in 2005, it was my intention to create something in return. Not only for LOT, but for the Polish people in general as a token of admiration and thanks for so many years of great business co-operation. In 2005 I met on a totally different occasion Peter Schumacher, photographer, journalist and editor for a group of Dutch newspapers. He told me about his travels through Poland in 1963 and about ‘some' photographs he shot in that year. Seeing them I was emotionally touched. I than decided to publish them in a quality book.

And as is stated in the foreword in the book by Prof.Dr.hab.Andrzej Zaborski, (Peter's 1963 guide through Zakopane, Cracow, Poznan and Warsaw); "some of them are masterpieces in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson." But now not ‘arranged', but a true perception of street life at that time. Poles at the market, sun-bathing at the Wisla beaches in Warsaw and Cracow and enjoying life despite the political circumstances.

But again, about the whole history of the Polska project, let me invite you to visit and click "read more about Polska 1963", in the hope you will obtain the same kind of enthousiasm and emotion I felt at the end of 2005, when I first came in touch with the pictures of Peter Schumacher. If you should decide to buy the book, it will be a privelage to guide you around in "Buying Polska" for more information of obtaining this photo-book, available at our website or in the future a Polish Seller/Distributor


Sincerely yours,


Jos van der Woensel